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How We Give Back

We give back to communities through multiple ways. We 100% support people helping other people, as a company that can sustain its growth owing to everyone's support, and as individuals who are part of various communities. We try our best to offer help where we can.

Sustainability protects our ecosystem and improves the quality of our lives. As part of nature, we believe that without the rest of our environmental elements, we cannot exist in this world. It means that we need to look after our nature and do our bit to maintain maximum coexistence while we still have a chance.  You can read more about our sustainability projects here.


Support Non-profit Charitable Organisations


  1. The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF)

Our Ladies in Business shirts are dedicated to ladies in businesses and also spreading awareness of breast cancer.

$2 from every shirt sold are donated to NBCF. Donations help with cancer research to cure breast cancer which is the cause of death on average of 9 women every day.

Ladies in business - Support National Breast Cancer Foundation

     2. Heartkids

We have been in a close relationship with Heartkids for a while now. They took another pre-order of Heartkids sun safe shirts for their national Sweetheart Day on 14th of February. The shirt print that their team designed looks fantastic and very on brand. This is a limited edition so contact them if you are interested in ordering.


Support Heartkids fundraising custom shirt



    3. 5 Charities, 25 Sun Safe Shirts

We conducted a search for 5 charities every year and they receive 5 free quality sun safe Design Works shirts.


Giveaway to 5 charities x 5 shirts



Social media giveaways

We run social media giveaway every month. Anyone can enter with their social media account for free. This way, everyone gets a chance to win a free quality product and try it out.

To enter, visit our Facebook page.

Instagram page.


Instore giveaways

Currently, we are running Easter Giveaway. To enter, simply guess how many eggs are in the jar! Prizes are Bilby sun safe shirt and all the chocolate eggs. You can enter in our Willows store or social pages. Winner will be announced on Good Friday.


We Listen

We listen to different opinions from customers and other community members. We listen, process and most of the time we reflect good opinions to our business operations. We are open for suggestions, feedbacks and ideas from different people with different backgrounds and experience. There is always something to learn!

 We listen to you. Your opinion means to us.


Diversity & Inclusion

  1. Our mission

We aim to keep everyone sun protected and encourage to enjoy the great outdoors adopting a healthy lifestyle. We are an inclusive brand looking after literally everyone.

  • Sizes: We offer sizes from baby 00 to adult 12XL. Our sizes are generous and you will find your size with us no matter what size you are in.
  • Fit: Our clothing offers great fits to compliment your body.
  • Designs: We have an extensive range of print designs from scenery, fish, dirt bikes, cities, flowers to simple subtle white. We are certain that you will find something you like!
  • Styles: Not just shirts, we have pants, leggings, hats, arm sleeves, dresses and more to suit all your outdoor needs.


It doesn’t matter what age, gender, ethnicity or size you are. When it comes to you, it is all about what you are into. We support you to be confident being you!


We sun protect everyone - Sizes from 00 to 12XL 


  1. Our workplace

We are all about diversity. Diversity brings a wealth of knowledge, diversified ideas, and constant excitement to the society. All our team members have different life experience, cultural backgrounds, community involvements, and interests, but we are working together towards the same goal, UV protecting everyone in great designs with good looks and maximum comfort!    

Sceneries - Diversity