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Happy Holiday Season

champagne New Year


We cannot believe that it is already December and the end of the year!

This year has been interesting and unexpected with new ways of ‘normal life’ affected by COVID-19 and the changes in our business model. It was not all that fun, but we believe in making lemonade out of lemons and reading positivity out of any situation.

It is never a dull moment!

We hope this year has brought you joy and excitement through thick and thin. It could have been great news in your family, self-development, or a new start in life. We congratulate you for giving it your best shot.

We would like to thank YOU for believing in us, supporting us, loving our brand and being happy positive selves that you are. We are here and standing thanks to you.

As we dive into the new year, 2022 is unchartered waters and there is so much to explore. We wish you to join our journey of making life great by being true to yourself. Be one with nature, soak up the sun, feel the fresh air, touch the sand between your toes, catch the fish of the day, build a tent, barbie in the woods, your favourite drink in your hand, call it a day and repeat.

🍃☀️🌬️ 🏝️🎣🏕️🔥🍹


Dahé & Dave

Design Works Apparel