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Adult Short Sleeve Fishing Shirt - Remembrance Anzac

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Designed in Australia, Design Works features UV rated sun safe, quick dry, breathable, lightweight and long lasting fishing shirts and pants with large pockets! Custom available. Comfortable outdoor and indoor clothing.

STAY SUN SAFE with us and enjoy the great outdoors!

Remembrance Anzac Adult Short Sleeve UV Protective Fishing Shirts .

Remembrance - Red and purple poppies with rosemary, Anzac Memorial and Light Horse on a field of poppies. 

Made of UV protective breathable quickdry fabric, our sublimated products are engineered to endure the extreme sun of Australia and still offer wearable comfort. Tested and proved every day in the real world by real people, breeze blows through our apparel and sweat evaporates before pooling up.

Designed in Townsville North Queensland, Design Works Apparel showcases vibrant colours and bold designs to elaborate not only fishing but various topics such as outback, cities and towns, machinery, animals, flowers, and more. Our apparel is loved by people from all walks of life with different interests from boating to simply walking on the beach or just to dress up in colours of our wearable canvases.

Choose a design that suits you and wear it with pride!


STAY SUN SAFE with us and enjoy the great outdoors!

  • Designed in Australia
  • UPF50 complying with AS/NZS 4399: 2017
  • 100% Polyester 
  • Unisex fit 
  • Pocket with button
Sun safe, quick dry, breathable, lightweight, designed in Australia, shrink proof, long lasting, no need to iron

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Cassandra Smallwood
Perfect present for my Dad who is a veteran

Purchased this shirt for my dad at the end of last year & since he loved it so much & wears it so much, I recently purchased the short sleeve version.. safe to say they are his favourites, so far!

Wendy Manning

Remembrance Anzac Adult Short Sleeve UV Protective Fishing Shirts

Theresa Donaldson

You sent in the time you said it would be done

Virginia Hekman

We love you guys