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Looking for the best Quality fishing shirt?

We know that fishing is one of life’s greatest joys, but things can get out of hand if you don't have the right gear on. Some of that gear you need are quality fishing shirts! Fishing shirts are very much underestimated, the perfect quality shirt will keep you cool without sacrificing comfort while providing excellent protection from insect bites at night when you're fishing all night long in the mangroves.

Things to consider for a quality fishing shirt?

Fishing shirts that are made of quality material will help you dry quickly and stay cool in hot weather. They also keep the warmth in cold weather so they're perfect for any weather really! Some people even wear them while cooking or doing non-fishing activities like going down to the local pub. The main factors you should consider for a quality fishing shirt are as follows;

  • Material

  • Protection

  • Features, and

  • Costs


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So what Material makes a quality fishing shirt?You don't want to go out on the water with just any old t-shirt. Every sport has suitable clothing of its own for a reason. You need to look the part. That's why we have quality fishing shirts for you. The material of our popular styles is made from high-tech polyester with stretchiness and breathability, which means they will not stick to your body even when it gets wet or sweaty! If you're also looking for something light but still durable, our products should be right up your alley. Polyester is the best material because of its qualities that include;

  • quick-dry

  • no wrinkles (no need to iron or fold)

  • color that does not fade

  • temperature that is under control during hot days

  • breathability 

  • protection from bugs/insects

  • comfortability 

  • 50+ UPF Protection


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Don’t know what UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) is?

The sun portrays powerful sources of UV rays, that can have damaging effects on your skin. When you're out in the middle of nature with only earth between yourself and eternity, especially when you're out in the sea, it's important to protect yourself from those harsh elements. The best way to protect yourself is to wear protective clothing.

UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor, it measures the amount of UV radiation a material allows to reach your skin. According to SunSmart (2022) A UPF of 30 - 49 rating is good protection, but UPF 50+ rates are excellent, they block 98% of sun’s rays and allow 2% (1/50th) to penetrate. Which is ultimately the best protection for you.

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Other Features to keep in mind?

A classic fishing shirt is one that never goes out of style. Having extra features can push the level of quality of your fishing shirt. Some of the features include:

  • Ventilation

You can't go wrong with a fishing shirt that has ventilation. The loose fit and breathable material will keep you cool during those hot summer days on the water. Having a ventilation system is vital if you want a quality fishing shirt. This includes ventilation down both sides of the shirt, at the back of the shirt, or just about where it needs to be, while making sure your skin stays dry!

  • Zip/Button options

Everyone has a different preference, whether you're a zip person or button person, we have got you covered without compromising quality of fishing shirts. Out of 2 styles, the trend for the zipper type is becoming a fan favourite, due to its convenience and full protection it offers.

  • Customisation

Tired of fishing in boring, unpersonalized shirts? Putting a bit of color and design on your shirt has many benefits. We mentioned the dangers of UV ratings, well did you know that having dark or vibrant colors keep UV rays from reaching your skin by absorbing them rather than allowing them to penetrate. The process of putting a design on your fishing shirt is called sublimation, this allows the ink to be one with the polyester material, which has the benefit of long lasting capability while keeping your designs looking cool and bright always.

  • Long sleeve vs Short Sleeve

When you're going out fishing, you definitely need a long sleeve shirt, this is just another level of coverage that you don’t want to underestimate, and it's also a protection from bugs and insects as well. Yes, some people might wear short sleeves because it's more convenient while fishing or doesn’t get in the way, but you'd rather be protected than regret after getting sunburnt and midge bites.

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What are the Costs for a Quality shirt?

Now that you’ve understood the requirements for a quality fishing shirt, let’s consider affordability. They can be quite expensive, but like they say, all good things come with a price. If you’re going up against the elements of nature, you definitely can’t complain about price over other unpleasant variables that can happen without sun safe shirts. We have a wide range of sale items, loyalty program that earns 5% from every purchase and birthday coupon, to help you in gearing up with the most suitable fishing/ sun safe shirts for you.

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