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Townsville's Popular Camping Spots!

What's more relaxing than taking in the great outdoors? With so many camping spots available, you're sure to find a perfect place for your next escape. From tropical beaches with crystal clear water and white sand waves or cozy log cabins deep within pristine forests; there is an adventure waiting just around every corner!

I'm not gonna lie: it can get pretty hot during summertime but if that sounds like something up YOUR alley then head straight over NOW before someone beats ya to it (just kidding)!

Check out our extensive list below before you plan your next adventure up here in Tropical North Queensland. 


1. Magnetic Island

Located just off Townsville coast; this island offers some great beaches as well as plenty of opportunities within its mountainous areas overlooking the ocean to capture some amazing wildlife and scenery. Try the forts walk. You get to see the some of the best views that the island has to offer.

Camping is limited on the Island, but Bungalow Bay Koala Village offers amenities perfect for your own car/camper-van, small trailer, or even your tent.


Cloudy Magnetic Island
 Image source: Magnetic Island (iStock)

2. Saunders Beach 

What could be better than a nice, relaxing weekend at camp? Hopefully you're not too busy and can take some time off to enjoy nature with friends or family. If so, then head on up north of Townsville where there are plenty activities for everyone! You'll find that Saunders Beach has everything from scenic views in which it's famous for, as well as gorgeous natural scenery all around. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a staycation close by this summer.


Point of Saunders beach
 Image Source: Saunders Beach (iStock)


3. Bluewater Creek

What better way to spend your summer evening than camping by the riverside? And what would be more enjoyable for two friends on their first date, or family holiday than a night under the stars with good food and great conversation. The perfect place to camp is right on the banks of Bluewater Creek. You can enjoy all sorts of activities like fishing, bird watching or just relaxing under shade trees while kids play in the playground or in the water that's never too deep!


4. Toomulla Beach

If you're looking for a spot that's close to town, but still feels like the great outdoors then look no further than Toomulla. The beach here spans kilometers of soft sand, and pilgrims from around Australia come visit every year!



5. Rollingstone (Bushy Parker Park)

Rollingstone? Rolling down the Bruce highway?

I'm tellin' ya, it's a great time to be out there for camping!  With all this fresh air and outdoor activities - who could want anything else when they're tired from adventuring through nature's domain?



6. Balgal Beach

The best way to experience this seaside town is by camping. Just head out for some beachfront stargazing or fishing trips, then come back after dark when all the stars seem brighter because they’re so close! Balgal Beach offers two camping areas for those who are looking to stay for a couple of nights while experiencing everything from fishing to getting a tan or wanting some quite time with the misso!

Balgal Beach Sunrise
Image Source: Balgal Beach (iStock)


7. Big Crystal Creek

Take the kids on an adventure they'll never forget this summer! Head to Big Crystal Creek north of Townsville for some quality time with family and friends! This place is so much more than just camping; it's about enjoying life together while experiencing nature at its finest - all under one roof (of course). From a whole lot activities like swimming, hiking, or just bird watching there are plenty ways that you can spend your days off exploring Big Crystal Creek.

Big Crystal Creek Camping Swimming
 Image Source: Big Crystal Creek


8. Paluma Range National Park

What's not to love about Paluma National Park? It has everything for everyone, whether you're looking for an action-packed adventure or just some peace and quiet. With so many places available in this vast area it'll be hard not finding what your heart desires! The Paluma Range National Park is known as the ‘southern gateway’ for the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area (QLD, Parks and Forrest) that showcases many picturesque waterfalls framed by rainforest and offers plentiful recreational opportunities.


Paluma National Park Streams
Image Source: Paluma National Park (iStock)


9. BP Truckstop (In Townsville City)

While most people think of the great outdoors when they imagine camping, there is actually an entire subculture that prefers to do so in modern-day environments. One such location would be at one of these BP truckstops! BP service station provides an overnight stop (not a campground), if you just need somewhere to sleep and rest in the rig then this is the place for you.



BP Truckstop Camping
Image Source: BP Truckstop
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