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The Ultimate Guide: Finding the Best Lure for Barramundi

Introduction: When it comes to fishing for barramundi, having the right lure can make all the difference between a successful day on the water and going home empty-handed. The barramundi, known for its hard-fighting nature and thrilling acrobatics, demands a well-chosen lure that can entice these magnificent fish to strike. In this blog post, we will explore the characteristics of the best lures for barramundi and how they connect with our exceptional barramundi fishing shirts. So, gear up, and let's dive into the exciting world of barramundi fishing!

Understanding the Barramundi

Before we delve into the best lures, it's essential to understand the barramundi itself. Barramundi, also known as Asian seabass, are prized game fish found in the coastal waters of Australia, Southeast Asia, and parts of Africa. These formidable predators are opportunistic feeders, known to strike at a variety of prey items, including fish, crustaceans, and even small mammals.

Factors to Consider:

  1. Size: Barramundi come in various sizes, ranging from a few pounds to well over 100 pounds. Selecting a lure that matches the average size of the barramundi in your fishing location will increase your chances of success.

  2. Water Clarity: The clarity of the water plays a vital role in lure selection. In clear water, lures that mimic natural prey with realistic colors and actions tend to be more effective. In murky water, lures with vibrant colors and strong vibrations are easier for barramundi to detect.

  3. Depth and Structure: Barramundi are often found near submerged structures such as mangroves, snags, or rock formations. Choosing a lure that can be effectively worked in these areas, such as shallow-diving or weedless lures, will improve your chances of enticing a strike.

soft plastic lure

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Best Lure Options for Barramundi:

  1. Soft Plastic Swimbaits: These versatile lures imitate baitfish and can be rigged weedless or on a jighead. Their lifelike swimming action and natural appearance make them irresistible to barramundi.

  2. Poppers: Poppers create a commotion on the water's surface, mimicking wounded prey. The loud "popping" sound and splashes can trigger aggressive strikes, especially during low-light conditions or when barramundi are feeding near the surface.

  3. Vibes and Blades: These lures generate intense vibrations and flash, making them highly effective in murky water. They imitate injured baitfish, and their erratic movements entice barramundi into striking.


Catching Barramundi during the first rains of the year can indeed be a favourable time, as the increased rainfall and subsequent runoff create favourable conditions for the fish. The influx of fresh water and increased water levels can stimulate the Barramundi's feeding and breeding instincts.

The thunderstorms associated with the rains can contribute to increased water turbidity and oxygen levels, which can in turn attract the Barramundi to move and feed more actively.

During flood times, when the water levels rise significantly, it is possible to spot Barramundi swimming between the drills in the cane fields. The flooded areas can provide additional habitat and feeding opportunities for the fish, as well as potential spawning grounds.

It's important to note that Barramundi fishing is subject to various factors, including weather conditions, water temperature, and local fishing regulations. It's always a good idea to consult local fishing authorities or experienced anglers in the specific region where you plan to fish for the most accurate and up-to-date information on the best times and techniques for catching Barramundi.


Barramudi Jims Fishing
(image source: Jims Fishing)


We understand the passion and thrill of barramundi fishing. That's why we have developed a range of premium barramundi fishing shirts that combine functionality, comfort, and style. Our shirts are designed with moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabrics, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable during your fishing adventures. They also feature UPF sun protection, keeping you shielded from harmful UV rays.


By wearing our barramundi fishing shirts, you not only enhance your fishing experience but also showcase your love for the sport. The shirts are available in a variety of designs, featuring barramundi illustrations and vibrant colours that reflect the excitement and beauty of barramundi fishing.


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Conclusion: Choosing the right lure is crucial for barramundi fishing success, as it can determine whether you land the catch of a lifetime or come back empty-handed. By considering factors such as size, water clarity, and depth, you can select the best lure for the conditions you encounter. And when you combine your well-chosen lure with our top-quality barramundi fishing shirts, you'll be fully equipped to tackle any barramundi fishing adventure that comes your way. So, grab your gear, don your barramundi fishing shirt, and get ready to hook into the thrill of barramundi fishing!


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