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The Ibis - iconic bird of Australia

The Australian White Ibis (Threskiornis molucca) is a distinctive bird native to Australia. Opinions about the Australian White Ibis (Threskiornis molucca) can vary among people in Australia. Generally, attitudes towards ibises are mixed. At Design Works we believe everyone should embrace the local Australian hero.

Ibis on bin

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In urban areas, Australian White Ibises have earned a reputation as scavengers, often seen rummaging through garbage bins for food scraps. This behavior can lead to negative perceptions, especially in public spaces. The presence of ibises in urban areas, particularly near food sources, can raise concerns about hygiene and potential public health issues.

Some people appreciate the adaptability and resilience of these birds, while others may find their behaviors disruptive or unpleasant, especially in urban settings. The term "bin chicken" is sometimes used humorously or derogatorily to describe ibises in urban environments.

ibis eating toad

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Ibises play a role in the ecosystem by helping control insect populations and contributing to nutrient cycling in wetland environments. Their diet is diverse and includes insects, small animals, frogs, fish, and plant material. Ibises are highly adaptable and have learned to catch and eat cane toads as they are unaffected by the cane toads toxins.

The introduction of cane toads to Queensland in 1935 has had a severe impact on local wildlife populations, the adaptability of the ibis is helping to restore balance to the eco-system. Ibises eat many pest species of insects including locusts, locusts in large numbers can have a devastating impact on crops, therefore in the countryside Ibises are sometimes called the 'farmers friend'.  

The humble Ibis is an icon and an important part of the native environment for Australia. That's why we celebrate the Ibis by making it a part of our Christmas design this year!

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